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Please note with all the below the mindset is Digital Ecosystem first.

While brands started out as a simple way of identifying who owned what, as markets 

have developed and consumers have become more sophisticated, the functions brands serve have expanded. They are now multifaceted.


Brands create a specific perception in customers’ minds concerning the qualities and attributes of each non-generic product or service.

A brand’s greatest influence is the impact of its products. That is the most important topic of its transparency, too. Transparency leads to authenticity which is a major factor of sustainability, differentiating the brand from its competitors while re-defining the brand’s position and the way consumers perceive it, because the customers are the ones to finally define the brand’s eco-system and total image.


BRAND Asset3.png

Brands influence and affect consumers’ behaviour and decision making: people do not act on the basis of what is said but who says it and how they say it. 

(Planned Behaviour Theory) – A Brand’s aesthetic and the way it stimulates the senses of customers/consumers as well as its symbolism and imagery can affect consumers’ decision making.


People not only want to know who and what is behind the brand but also about the social, health, environmental and safety impact of the products they are buying.


People tend to support brands that are aligned to their own beliefs and values system and look for less products that offer quick, easy and super effective usage.



– Create/keep consistency – Transparency / brand personality more clear. 

Strategy based on the concepts that best describe the brand’s personality, influenced by the current and upcoming trends. Points of sale adjusted to the strategy’s direction (Multichannel creative strategy)


Content creation for digital marketing, social media, campaign etc. Based on the strategy to reinforce brand’s identity.


Millenials and Baby Boomers are leading the market, forming a new model of consumers that changes the formerly known marketing field. These phenomenally contrasting groups, have an optimistic and evolution driven thinking while both urge for technological improvement. Both digital marketing and marketplaces strategies are important to keep the interest of the new demanding customers.

– Bigger exposure/ Accessible to potential customers.


Optimisation of webstores: easy to find/ accessible, hospitable to your guests and make sure that potential customers have a clear path to purchase and a smooth checkout process. – Use unified e-commerce platform to provide a springboard for expanding to additional channels.

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