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Current Market Analysis

Strategic and Retail, Digital Directions

ⓞ Strategic Thinking

ⓞ Development of creative


 Establishing the creative

philosophy, objectives and


ⓞ Determining the creative

vision of a brand

ⓞ Providing guidance and


ⓞ Presenting, selling and 


ⓞ DNA Architecture

ⓞ Amplification of Brand voice

ⓞ In-depth knowledge of

brand development and

multichannel marketing


ⓞ Study and analysis of

marketing models

ⓞ Development of creative

strategies for Marketing,

advertising and brand campaigns

ⓞ Understanding of commercial aspects of marketing department


ⓞ Create and implement

tailored marketing plans

ⓞ Provide strategic business

advice and insights on best

business practise




ⓞ Broad knowledge of art

history, design history, pop

culture and counterculture

ⓞ Up-to-date knowledge in design, art, trends, technology, politics, social issues,

advertising, marketing and statistics



ⓞ Researching references

and assessing new data


consumer culture

ⓞ Consumer culture to feel the

pulse of the consumer both

from the street perspective as

well as through the digital



ⓞ Understand and create

transparency to include in

overall plan



ⓞ Each brand will have a

diverse approach for

customer segment /

generations and encouraging fluidity

ⓞ Overarching strategy and 

Communication platform for 

the consumer will always be

via a digital first approach

whilst not alienating a more 

fluid traditional approach


ⓞ The ecosystem with experiential

needs to marry so the consumer

is in control through total

transparency thus creating

marriage between nostalgia,

AI and the future digital world


Omni Channel

Client Responsibilities

ⓞ Establish budgets and timelines 

ⓞ Ensure budget, goals and

deadlines are met


ⓞ Present final layouts and ensure clients understand the proposal


ⓞ Manage client Relationships

ⓞ Liaise with Sales, Marketing

and Advertising teams to

interpret client vision

creative team

ⓞ Work with team to produce

new ideas

 Direct Brainstorming sessions


ⓞ Supervise workflow

ⓞ Mentor and motivate



ⓞ Monitor deadlines


Sustainability is an evolving theme that every brand from new start-ups to international groups need to embrace by exploring ways in which we can reassess our relationship with the planet. Now we’re taking the next step, with a controversial central theme. Growth, expansion and prosperity are seen as desirable: we are programmed to strive for ‘more’. 

But should we in fact be considering ‘no more’? Is it time to embrace degrowth: a downscaling of production and consumption that shifts the focus away from material accumulation and towards human wellbeing and ecological balance? Given the extent and urgency of the climate emergency, is it time to put the brakes on consumption entirely?

Can we make do with what we have and with what already exists – in short, stop making

new things, full stop? 


And if so, how will the future role of designers look? How will the design industry evolve?

Grounding: rising urbanization is making wild nature seem increasingly appealing.


Restoration: #nofilter approach to life means no artifice.


Surreal psyche: science and technology are helping us to discover the marvels of the human mind.


Embodiment: for homebodies and nature-lovers, the natural world is coming closer. 


Other-worldly: the fantastical visions of science fiction are becoming more achievable.

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